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Demonstration Phonics Lessons

These sample phonics lessons are mainly to demonstrate teaching techniques for teachers or parents but children may like to join in. They are full lessons based on the published Snappy Lesson® plans. In face-to-face teaching sessions, fewer examples are likely to be used for each activity. Adults can use their discretion, taking account of the concentration and attention spans of the children and the overall time available for the lessons. It is important to go through all the activities as each is essential to develop optimal phonic knowledge and skills, but it is quite acceptable to reduce the number of worked examples within each activity. These full video lessons range in length from about 6 minutes to 25 minutes.

Parents can actively support their children’s phonics by watching the lessons together. Resource materials for these lessons can be obtained from school or from sales@syntheticphonics.net, so that the children can have a go themselves. Each lesson has a published lesson plan and grids of decodable words, sentences and tricky words, for reading. There are letter-sounds sheets for teaching and reviewing the sounds and for the Swap Sounds activity. For the writing part of the lesson, children should have ready lined paper and a pencil or lined white board and a dry wipe pen with a sun at the top right hand corner.


Here is a list of the video lessons:

1. s lesson

2. a lesson

3. t lesson

4. p lesson

5. i lesson

6. n lesson

7. c lesson

8. e lesson

9. How to sky write letter e

10. h lesson

11. r lesson

12. m lesson

13. d lesson

14. How to sky write letter d

15. g lesson

16. o lesson

17. u lesson

18. l lesson

19. f lesson

20. b lesson

21. Handwriting support with tracker fonts for lower case letters

22. Handwriting support with tracker fonts for upper case letters

23. Digraph sounds

24. Digraph sounds with actions

25. 2 syllable alphabet cvc lesson - child

26. 2 syllable alphabet cvc lesson – adult

27. 4 letter, alphabet cvcc lesson – child

28. 4 letter, alphabet cvcc lesson - adult

29. 4 letter, alphabet ccvc lesson – adult