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Easy Starter Pack 3

Easy Starter Pack 3   Overview:
This pack provides all the resources you need for extending phonics. Covering complex polysyllabic words, this pack builds on the resources and teaching covered in Easy Starter Packs 1 and 2.

Easy Starter Pack 3 covers reading, spelling, writing, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension at Steps 4-7.

It provides a selection of core materials to extend teaching to more complex words and sentences dealing with prefixes, root words, suffixes, different syllables and special endings.

The pack is suitable for first-time teaching, for catch-up/intervention lessons and for top-up lessons at any age whenever more complex words need to be taught. The process of learning and being confident with more complex words can continue throughout schooling and into adulthood.

The materials can be used to teach any group size from whole class to small group and for individual tuition.

The handbook Sound Discovery® Words and Sentences, Part 2 Steps 4-7 (SD3) provides an extensive bank of words and sentences for reading and dictation at Steps 4-7.

The set of fully prepared lesson plans and teaching notes Snappy Lesson® Plans at Steps 4 to 7 (SLP4-7) and the set of accompanying resource materials Resource Materials to Accompany Snappy Lesson® Plans at Steps 4 to 7 (SLPR4-7) will enable busy practitioners to teach more complex polysyllabic words.

Please see below for a complete list of all the items you will receive in the Easy Starter Pack 3.

For further information about each item and to view page samples, please click the title links.

Sound Discovery® Words and Sentences, Part 2 (Steps 4-7)

Snappy Lesson Plans at Steps 4 to 7, Selected Prefixes, Suffixes and Syllables.

Resource Materials to accompany Snappy Lesson plans at Steps 4 to 7

Please note the following resources already purchased in Easy Packs 1 and 2 will also help you to teach at Steps 4-7:

• Five of the eleven Placement Tests (PTO) from Easy Starter Pack 1 will enable individuals to be placed, quickly and easily, on the appropriate Step of the programme within Steps 4-7.

Sound Discovery® High Frequency Words Version 2 (SD4) from Easy Starter Pack 1 will provide continued teaching and reinforcing of High Frequency Words in the most effective way, when necessary.

• The Phoneme Spotter Stories (PSS1, PSS2, PSS3) from Easy Starter Pack 2 will provide practice and reinforcement of the advanced code and opportunities to read and write more complex polysyllabic words. They also contain elements to develop comprehension and high frequency words.

Precision Monitoring and Speed Reads Book 3 (PMB3) from Easy Starter Pack 2 is designed to develop the speed, accuracy and comprehension of reading at sound, word and texts levels, at Steps 4-7. This will provide students with valuable practice with complex polysyllabic words which can be challenging for students.

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