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New! A Modular e-learning training programme for Sound Discovery® from Marlynne Grant and Jackie Day (authors of the materials for the programme). See "Training" tab above.
The nine Modules are PowerPoint presentations with embedded audio and video sections. There are three different training packages to suit a range of training needs. Marlynne and Jackie may be contacted via training@syntheticphonics.net or Tel. 0117 962 2670.
Sound Discovery® e-learning Training Flyer. See Sound Discovery® e-learning training flyer

An Addendum to go with the Manual (SD1). See Assessment
Starting Strong in Reception. See Starting Strong in Reception
Progress Tracker Spreadsheets. See
Steps 1 and 2
Steps 3A
Steps 3B

A Guide To Reading and Decodable Readers
An Addendum to go with the Manual (SD1). See Guide to Reading and Decodable Readers

Does your child struggle with reading and writing? See a Parent Letter

Schools! Helping you to make a strong start in September. See Return to School Guidance.

Catch-up Premium Funding – make the most of government funding to close the literacy gap for your disadvantaged pupils and for those who have fallen behind during school closures. Catch-up Tutoring with synthetic phonics; Catch-up Tutoring with synthetic phonics - 2 Pages; Catch-up Tutoring with synthetic phonics - 3 Pages

Feedback from face-to-face Training. See Feedback from face-to-face Training

Feedback from e-learning Training. See Feedback from e-learning Training

Sound Discovery® Decodables. See Sound Discovery® Decodables

Decodable Stories for Snappy Lesson® Videos. See Booklets to accompany Snappy Lesson® Videos

Introducing Sound Discovery® Films. See Introducing Sound Discovery® Video-2 minutes; Introducing Sound Discovery® Video-10 minutes

On-Line Lessons and Home Schooling-
Snappy Lesson® Videos with Decodable Stories. See Snappy Lesson® Videos

Sound Discovery®
Simply effective synthetic phonics

Sound Discovery® is a clear, structured synthetic phonics literacy programme known for its simplicity and effectiveness. Its key features are:

  • A fast paced interactive teaching structure called the Snappy Lesson® which keeps pupils motivated and focused.

  • A simple and easily-remembered phonic progression that enables teachers and teaching assistants to deliver really effective phonic teaching. View an outline of the programme structure here.

As well as promoting good reading, Sound Discovery® develops confidence with comprehension, writing, spelling and handwriting.

The programme can be adapted for any group size and for any age group, including adults.

The full range of Sound Discovery® resources is available in the Money Saving Packs below.
Individual items are available in the "Search Products" column below left.

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Full Materials Pack

(CM1 + AM1)

This pack provides the full set of core and additional materials necessary for you to teach the complete Sound Discovery synthetic phonics programme throughout your school/educational setting.

Core Materials Pack

This pack provides all the core materials necessary for you to teach the complete Sound Discovery synthetic phonics programme.

Additional Materials Pack

This pack complements the Core Materials Pack, providing the additional materials to help your pupils apply their phonic knowledge and skills to wider literacy.

Easy Starter Pack 1

Easy Starter Packs take you on a sequential teaching path through the Sound Discovery programme. Covering the basic alphabetic code, this pack provides all the resources you need to begin.

Easy Starter Pack 2

This pack provides all the resources you need to move on with phonics. Covering the advanced alphabetic code, it builds on the resources and teaching covered in Easy Starter Pack 1.

Easy Starter Pack 3

This pack provides all the resources you need for extending phonics. Covering complex polysyllabic words, this pack builds on the resources and teaching covered in Easy Starter Packs 1 and 2.